• Yosemite, 2014

    Yosemite, 2014

  • El Capitan, 2014

    El Capitan, 2014

  • Headless Santa, London, 2014

    Headless Santa, London, 2014

  • Rhian, Purton, 2014

    Rhian, Purton, 2014

  • mullitover:

    JONATHAN CHERRY: What did you want to be growing up?

    MAX KNIGHT: Simpsons script writer.

    JC: Who or what is inspiring you at the moment?

    MK: I’ve been trying to understand interior design as I’m extraordinarily bad at it. I feel thats affecting my eye. Photography-wise: I’ve been enjoying Bharat Sikka, especially his commissions. I just discovered Nigel Shafran, love his supermarket portraits. Also Amira Fritz and her lovely, awkward fashion portraits in Shanghai. I also have a monthly camera club with Ted Dwane, Alex McLuckie and a bunch of others - we get together, shoot some film and develop it in Ted’s kitchen. Its always inspiring.

    JC: What are you up to right now?

    MK: I just got back from two months in America. I travelled 4500 miles in three weeks which was great. I was on tour with Laura Marling who I used to play guitar for, going from desert to snow in a few days feels bizarre. I also made a Cats in Windows zine which will become a proper book this year. You can buy one here. I spent most of 2013 doing commercial photography so I want to focus on fun stuff now.

    JC: Have you had mentors along the way?

    MK: Not really… I’m an only child with a single parent so I guess I’m stubborn that way.

    JC: Where are you based right now and how is it shaping you?

    MK: I’m back in London which I’ve always felt a sense of pride for. Spending a month in LA made me respect how realistic people are in this country. If we’re grumpy or miserable we don’t hide behind a false smile and we always have realistic expectations which means we are super happy or surprised when we exceed them. I like that, its very British. It shows in a lot of British photographer’s work too. Dull light and blank stares - I’m a sucker for that stuff.

    JC: One piece of advice to photography graduates?

    MK: Make a ten-year plan, stick to it and embrace it when it goes wrong.

    JC: If all else fails - what is your plan B?

    MK: Move to a cabin in Scandinavia and become a sniper.

    JC: Is it important to you to be a part of a creative community?

    MK: For sure - it doesn’t have to just be photography either. I was always a lone photographer in a sea of musicians - but that gave me so many unique opportunities that led me to a career.

  • Imogen, London, 2012

    Imogen, London, 2012

  • Louisiana, 2013

    Louisiana, 2013

  • mpdrolet:

    Max Knight

    I miss Iceland

  • Laura, Nashville, 2013

    Laura, Nashville, 2013

  • Casey, Marfa, 2013

    Casey, Marfa, 2013

  • Malibu, 2013

    Malibu, 2013

  • Mamie, London, 2013

    Mamie, London, 2013

  • CATS IN WINDOWS: The Journal

    I have made a simple zine containing a few images of cats in windows. 

    I have many many more and they will all be published in a proper book next year. 

    If you’d like to buy a zine, you can do so here - http://maxknight.tictail.com/


    Oh and my website has been updated a bit - http://maxknightphoto.com/

  • Imogen, London, 2013

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